Welcome to the USA – part 3

The view from Cliffhouse

The view from Cliffhouse

I do have to apologise for the lack of posts, but things have been keeping me busy.

So I have now moved to San Francisco. Part 2, a three week stay in Baltimore, was a lot of fun but I didn’t really do anything that exciting apart from hang out with friends and enjoy myself exploring the city, a day trip to DC, and an evening at Best of Baltimore.

The journey from Baltimore to SF required a short layover in Phoenix. All I can say is that airport is small, and the food options were limited. I think I will pack a snack next time. I arrived in SF twenty minutes early and was outside with my baggage in less than thirty minutes, even though all of the bags for every Southwest flight ended up on the carousel.

The view from Twin Peaks...can you see the city?

The view from Twin Peaks…can you see the city?

My work had arranged for a colleague who would pick me up and take me to where I was staying. However, before we got there I was given a quick tour around the city. We crossed Twin Peaks and looked down upon the mass of fog that blanketed the city making it hard to discern the buildings below. The people I stayed with were fantastic. I don’t know if it is the Britishness in me but I always feel awkward when I stay with people I don’t really know. It was hard to “slot” myself into their lives. So I kept a low profile and stayed with them for as short a time as possible, as I don’t like imposing.

Now I have found an apartment, it is partially furnished after a crazy trip to IKEA. I have completed 90% of my paperwork. I have my social security number. I just have to hold out until pay day, which isn’t for another month!!!

I have started looking at activities to pursue and I have found a dive shop and I have signed up for a drysuit course. Let’s see how that goes in a month’s time. I have also found a gym, and I am thinking of taking up Krav Maga. I have always wanted to know how to defend myself properly and this might be the time to take it.

I am also back on a language kick. My flatmate (room mate for you Americans reading this, we share a flat not a room) is from Corsica and his English is quite poor so we have resorted to communicating in Italian. He also speaks French, along with a lot of my other colleagues so I have started trying to improve that too, though I cannot say that much but I try to say a few words every day.

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