In December 2009 I was looking for something exciting to do. I had just watched a documentary about skydiving and I thought that it could be fun to do a tandem skydive. I searched online and found several places that did it, however I wanted something more memorable, something exciting to do. So I thought, let’s jump over Mount. Everest. A quick Google search provided me with details but then when I saw the price, and looking in my piggy bank, I knew I wouldn’t be able to come up with the funds for that. So where else could I go that was close by was similar to the Himalayas? The answer hit me. The Alps. So I found a drop zone in Interlaken and booked my ticket. So in February 2011 I was jumping out of a plane. The feeling was amazing. I can’t describe it. This then led me to think that I should  definitely take it up. A year later I completed my AFF in Madrid. I am currently working on getting my USPA licence. It’s difficult because the sport is truly dependent on the weather and my local drop zone isn’t quite local.

February 2012

Skydive Madrid AFF Course

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