Getting the line right

Testing my hi-viz dacron line on a wreck course. Look how easily visible it is in the water.


My old yellow #24 nylon line - not very bright at all.

My old yellow #24 nylon line – not very bright at all.

After my cave course I realised that the line I was using on my safety spools was subpar. It has become faded and it easily twists so there was always the possibility of risking a bird’s nest when sending up a dSMB. So I looked at replacing it. Unfortunately, the best equipment is not easy to come by in the Bahamas but with the USA is not too far away and as I was spending Christmas there I asked Santa to bring me some Hi-Viz Dacron Line.

This line is fantastic. It is so bright underwater that it seems to glow.

Watch this twenty second movie of two divers on their stop during a training dive. There is some current and the divers are working to be careful to avoid entangling their lines. One diver is using ordinary white nylon line and the other is using our Hi-Viz orange Dacron line. See if you can find where the diver is also carrying a backup finger spool with Hi-Viz line.

I have now replaced the line on my spools with this and I could not be happier. Apparently it is stronger than #36 nylon line, I haven’t done any tests to see if that is true, but it is definitely thinner than the #24 nylon line that I had on my spools. So I now have more line taking up less space. It’s a win-win. One downside is that there isn’t much stretch to it when compared to #24 but that is something that I will just have to get used to.

Thanks Santa!

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