Have I had enough of diving?

Preparing for the safety stop

My favourite way to dive

This is a question that I have struggled to answer. I have been thinking more and more recently that I don’t want to go diving. I am unsure as to why but I have some reasons.

I think that I have exhausted the dive sites here. I have seen them all and I know them really well. I still enjoy seeking out new wildlife but for me I am task orientated, and I need a task when I am diving. With that in mind you would think that teaching people to dive would be a task but I seem to have fallen out of favour with that. I planned to make sure that I got my 50 certs before the end of June. However, that seems unlikely now due to one reason or the other.

I leave the Bahamas and move to colder climes. Diving will be possible as I am on the coast but I will need to get a dry suit. The diving there doesn’t seem that exciting either, there aren’t the caves or wrecks that I long to explore.

There are a few possible option on Nassau to cave dive. I have an inkling where they are…I have a week in April where I could possibly jump in and see what is there, I am not sure if it is something that I am ready for. I lack the experience to explore virgin caves, but I need to do something to quell the boredom.

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