My favourite diving knife – EEZYCUT Trilobite

The EEZYCUT Trilobite probably one of the best cutting tools.

The EEZYCUT Trilobite probably one of the best cutting tools.

If you dive long enough you are bound to become entangled on something. Most likely it will be fishing line or it could be a wreck penetration line that you have just put down. Either way there is a need for a diver to carry a knife.

Dive knifes come in all shapes and sizes. There are the big Rambo style knifes that strap to your leg to the small DIR style blunt tip compact knife. They all have their: uses the former by guys that want to be Rambo and the later by your typical wreck and cave divers.

In my opinion open blades underwater can be a terrible thing. It could be so easy for you to accidentally cut yourself or someone else while you are trying to solve the original problem. Pierce your drysuit – causing it to flood. I think the answer to these problems is something small, compact and exceptionally well purposed for the task. This is where the EEZYCUT Trilobite comes in.

I originally bought one of these when I was skydiving so that I could use it to remove a parachute that wouldn’t cut away. However, I quickly added one to my BCD and I have been taking one diving ever since. I don’t often take it out of its sheath but when I did on the Dive for Debris a couple of weeks ago it came into its own.

Before the dive we discussed the equipment we were taking on the dives. I was carrying my Trilobite. Alex was carrying two knifes, a small two inch blade attached to his BCD, a Rambo style attached to his leg, and a bag to put everything in. During the dive we came across an old anchor rope and we tried to remove it from around a coral reef. Alex brandished his large knife and proceeded to try to saw through the rope. Unfortunately he wasn’t making any headway so I pulled out my Trilobite and cut through the rope like a hot knife through butter. The rope was easily as thick as my thumb. The look of amazement from Alex was priceless. He couldn’t believe that my tiny knife could have cut through something that tick so easily. I popped the knife back in its sheath and we continued working.

After the dive Alex asked me where he could get a knife like mine. I told him that most online scuba retailers sell them and that he should definitely get one.

I own two Trilobites, a pair of titanium shears and a DIR blunt tip knife. I definitely have redundancy covered 😉

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