PADI eCards

PADI eCards

PADI eCards

One of the benefits of being a PADI Professional is that you get all your certifications as eCards.  Which means that you don’t have to carry your certification card around with you. They are accessible through the PADI app which is available on most platforms. Non-PADI Pros can get their certification cards as eCards as well, but I don’t know if it is something that will catch on. Most dive shops have internet access and can use the PADI lookup tool to find your diving certification details. So even carrying your certification card is a little redundant. I guess only time will tell if it becomes the norm.

So far I have only had one opportunity to use the app. It was during a discussion with a friend, that I met here in the Bahamas, about when we got certified. I said that I was certified in Sardegna by a Frenchman called P. My friend said it wasn’t P.M. I opened the app on my phone and a quick look at my OW certification confirmed that it was. The world is definitely small.

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