The IE – Day 1

It's gratifying to know that hard work and perseverance does pay off.

It’s gratifying to know that hard work and perseverance does pay off.

So what can I say? The first day is over and I have passed everything. I am really happy with my performance.

So what happened.

07:30 – Arrive at the Marina del Mar Key Largo and set up scuba gear. Feeling really nauseous.

08:00 – In the pool and Confined Skill session started

  1. Regulator Recovery and Clear (any method) 5/5
  2. Free Flow Regulator Breathing 5/5
  3. Alternate Air Source Use (Stationary) 4/5
  4. Neutral Buoyancy Rise and Fall 5/5
  5. CESA 5/5

Pleased with the skill circuit and almost scored maximum points but I took too long in raising my LPI on skill 3 that he dinged me for a point. 24/25 is still good.

08:30 – Still in the pool, Confined Water Presentation: Mask Removal and Replace

  • Mask not held tightly (Morgan)
  • Mask not removed (Molly)

I feel using the control method to make sure the regulators didn’t fall out made sure that I looked professional and helped me achieve maximum points on this.

09:45 – Finished in the pool. Jump in the hot tub to warm up. Break time! Still feeling too nauseous to eat.
12:30 – Knowledge Presentations begin: Project AWARE Knowledge Review Question 6

  • What are the main sources of pollution in the aquatic environment?
  • As there are no prescriptive slides for this specialty (maybe I should create them) I created my own powerpoint to use.
  • e-manual on iPad
  • Diving equipment – mesh bag for collecting rubbish
  • Non-diving teaching aid – bag of garbage
  • I chose to go first.
  • Scored a maximum 5/5.
  • Evaluator congratulated me and stated that my presentation was at a Course Director level and wished he could have scored me higher.

14:00  – Our groups’ Knowledge Presentations are over. Time to grab something to eat before the written exams. Manage to eat half a footlong sub.

15:45 – Written exams begin at the Holiday Inn Key Largo.

  • Dive Theory 100% – 35 minutes
  • Standards and Procedures 94% – 65 minutes

I am really pleased with this result as I completed both exams in a little bit over the time it should take you to complete one. I was annoyed with the answers that I got wrong on the Standards and Procedures as this was an open book exam and I had looked up each answer before marking it down on the answer grid. I haven’t been told what I have gotten wrong, I hope there is the chance for feedback.

17:20 – Walked out of the exam hall.

How did my IDC classmates do?The other instructor candidates did well scoring in the 4s in both their presentations and their confined skills. However, the messed up the Dive Theory exam. They each messed up one exam so that means there is a make-up exam for them tomorrow. Two messed up RDP and the other messed up equipment. Would you believe that they were all worried about the Physics exam? Just goes to show that you need to prepare everything.

So what is there to do now?
There are only two (or three depending on how you look at it) things left to do.

Firstly there is the Open Water Presentation and then the Rescue Exercise 7. Having taught Exercise 7 in my IDC I feel that I am really prepared for that. The OW Presentation consists of two skills, the first is knot tying (a bowline) which I did on my IDC. The second is the CESA. I have only practised this, I have never taught it. So “two” teaching presentations and one demonstration. I am going for straight fives tomorrow so I’d better be prepared.

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