IE Orientation

Marina del Mar - Key Largo

Marina del Mar – Key Largo. The confined skills will take place here

So last night was my orientation to the IE. It didn’t last much longer than an hour. The purpose of the orientation is to:

  • put you into your groups for the IE,
  • to give you your tasks,
  • to go over scheduling,
  • to complete the final paperwork

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday: Confined water skills and presentations in the morning, knowledge presentations in the early afternoon, and written exams (one on Standards and Procedures, the other on Dive Theory) in the early evening. Depending on how fast they get through the groups we should hopefully be finished between 5pm and 6pm.

Sunday: Open water presentation and Rescue Exercise 7 demonstration. Hopefully finished by 2pm.

There are some make-ups allowed. It’s quicker to discuss what you can’t make up on. Basically you can’t make up the Standards and Procedures exam as that is open book and you can’t make up the Open Water Presentation. Do them right first time or come back to do those parts again in another IE. There are certain restrictions on what you what you can make up on but that is for another time. For me, making-up, that isn’t an option. I have to pass. I will pass. I am going to pass. I am going to be the best one there. It’s all about PMA – Positive Mental Attitude.

I am not being complacent but I know my stuff and I have shown that I can do this by my results in the IDC (lowest score 92%). I have prepared my confined and knowledge presentations thoroughly (I have even made a powerpoint as one didn’t exist for my topic). I can do this.

Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully I’ll update after each day but at the very least on Sunday evening.

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