The IDC is over, next step the IE

Florida Keys Dive Centre, where I did my IDC

Florida Keys Dive Centre, where I did my IDC

So I have finished the IDC. IT IS OVER! I am so exhausted but it has definitely been worth it. Today we started early with a lecture on Risk Management then it was off to the pool for our last confined water presentations. We spent 4 hours in the pool doing our presentations and going over rescue exercise 7.

My presentations went well.

Confined Water Dive 3 – Tired Diver Tow – I scored a 4.8, I dropped a point on positioning of the demonstration.

Rescue Diver Course – Exercise 7 – I scored a 4.6, dropping a point for not using my assistant and another point for not using the words “I noticed somebody had a problem with…” when giving feedback. I put these errors down to the fact that I was cold and tired. 4 hours in a pool will do that to you.

However, I am pleased with my results on the course. I feel that I have shown that I am a more than competent instructor. Let’s hope that over the next two days I demonstrate it to the examiners.

The IE begins tonight….wish me luck!

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