The IDC so far

A lone tigger fish in the Red Sea

A lone trigger fish in the Red Sea

I had hoped to update daily with everything that I was doing but I have been too busy preparing to actually have enough time to do that.
Since my last post I have done the following:

  • Knowledge Development Presentation 2 – Score 4.8 Tuesday
  • Standards and Procedures Exam Practice – Score 98% Tuesday
  • Knowledge Development Presentation 3 – Score 5 Thursday
  • PADI Theory Exam Practice – Score 100% Thursday
  • Open Water Presentation 2 – Score 4.7 Thursday (averaged from 4.6 and 4.8)

Wednesday I had the day off due to the fact that I had already completed my EFRI and obviously I didn’t have to do it again. So I took that day to review my dive theory and to plan my presentations for today. It really helped as I had almost a near perfect score in everything.

Tomorrow, Friday, I have two confined water presentations to give. The first is from the Open Water Diver Course – Confined Water Dive 3 – Tired Diver Tow. The second is from the Rescue Diver Course – Exercise 7. I have planned these out and I hope that they go well.

Friday evening I will also go to the IE orientation, there I will be given my assignments for the evaluation that will take place over Saturday and Sunday. I am crossing my fingers that everything will go well.

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