My kettlebell

I posted previously about trying to get in shape. One of the ways that I am doing that is by adding some kettlebell into my routine. The main reason for doing this is that I am finding the UP Fitness program (from the book) a little difficult to follow. There are so many different exercises, so many pieces of equipment that my gym doesn’t have (there isn’t really the possibility of changing gyms either). I also have lots of questions. Am I using too much weight, or not enough? Is my form good? Should I be going slower/faster when I perform this rep?

So I decided to return to an old (well new) friend. I bought myself a 16kg kettlebell, and I love it. I am currently doing 150 reps a day (though I am making sure I have some rest days as I don’t want to completely give up on it).  I have a training program that I used to use when I lived in Rome. Kettlebell Training.pdf.

Currently I am only doing the beginner 150 but once I am able to do that without feeling too tired I am going to level up and do the beginner 250 and so on etc.

As kettlebell workouts are considered HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) they really help to burn fat. Hopefully the proof will be in the pudding, well in me not looking like a pudding that is. I’ll keep at it and let you know how I am getting on.



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