How to plan your dives using the PADI RDP

The PADI RDP - with the three tables highlighted.

The PADI RDP – with the three tables highlighted.

Back in June 2013 when I was studying to become a PADI Divemaster, I made a couple of posts on how to use the RDP (recreational dive planner). They happen to be the most popular posts that I have made.

It’s great that people are looking on up how to use the PADI RDP and I hope that they have found them useful. So I thought I would return to them, almost 18 months later, and actually make a video showing how to use the RDP. That way those that need more of a visual presentation, rather than written instructions will be satisfied.

The method for using the PADI RDP in metric and imperial is exactly the same. So for brevity I have just done them in metric and I hope that you are able to transpose them to imperial.

This post is the video version of the first post so if you want to read along and see the example in black and white just click this link and you can see it.

There is also a version of the video that uses the PADI ERDPml, why not check that out too

First and foremost let me state that you must receive formal training from one of the many dive organisations before attempting a dive. Without formal training you risk injuring yourself. Please get training before attempting anything you have read or seen in this post. I will not be held responsible for you attempting to use the methods contained in this post. The following post is for illustration purposes only.

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