Cave diving in the UK


So far I have only cave dived in one place, Abaco. According to my instructor I have spoiled myself as I have dived in the best caves in the world and no other caves will ever match or live up to how wonderful the caves in Abaco are.

That being said I do like reading about cave diving and I came across an interesting article about cave diving in the UK.

Definitely a different type of diving than the caves here. Maybe one day I might be skilful enough to dive in advanced caves like that.

3 responses to “Cave diving in the UK

    • Unfortunately I haven’t dived with Martyn yet, though I was trained by Brian Kakuk. He was one of the reasons that Brian got into cave diving, and Brian was one of the reasons that I got into it. Maybe one day when I am skilled enough I will get to dive with Martyn. Thanks for reading!

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