Trinity Caves – Exploritory Cave Diving

Could there be a cave inside?

Could there be a cave inside?

I was recently on a dive with Bahama Divers, one of the only two dive shops on New Providence, where we went to Trinity Caves. I had been to this dive site before but not since I had become a cave diver. I remember looking into the small “caves”, which would be better termed as overhangs as they aren’t even cavernesque, and thinking that there wasn’t much there to explore.

However, on this dive I clearly had a different mindset – must be due to my cave training. Out of the three overhangs one has the potential to go somewhere. As I was in sidemount (my preferred diving set up) I squeezed in a couple of metres. There seems to be a passage that only a sidemount or nomount diver could pass through. As I hadn’t planned to go exploring inside a cave and I did not have enough spools, lights or preparation time, I carefully backed out and surveyed the entrance more closely. There were a few good tie off points that would allow me to set a line in the open water and two points were I could tie off in the cavern zone. This means that I would have a good secure line back to the entrance.

I also discovered a couple of fresh water springs near the caves. This is encouraging as it might mean there is an aquafier below the caves meaning that there are some passages to explore.

I am really interested in pushing through that small tunnel and seeing where it goes, but it feels at the moment that it is beyond my skill set. I’ve only done one cave dive since my course completed but I should probably leave the exploration for the experts….though if no one is willing to investigate, perhaps it should be me.

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