Upcoming Dive Against Debris – September 27th 2014

Hayley collecting some debris

Hayley collecting some debris

On Saturday 27th September there will be a Dive Against Debris at Stuart Cove’s here in Nassau. Hayley-Jo Carr, a Master Instructor at Stuart Cove’s and head of Training is organising it. The dive site will be Palace Wall, which has an average depth of around 13m (42.5 ft). I did several dives here as part of my AGRRA training and there are usually quite a lot of nice fish to see.

Hayley-Jo has organised a whole day of environmental events. The day kicks off with the PADI Coral Nursery & Restoraton Specialty from 9am till 4:30pm Course Price is $200pp.
Theory in the morning followed by two dives on the nursery in the afternoon.Learn coral identification, biology, reproduction, why coral nurseries are needed and how the nurseries are created and maintained. By the end you will be certified to assist in the coral nursery restoration including cleaning of coral structures and identification of paling, bleaching, predation and disease.

Then from 5pm onwards it is the Dive Against Debris. I will be taking part in that. Hopefully we will be able to collect a lot of the rubbish that is on the site.

More info on the above day see below:


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