332m down now for the journey back up.

The blue hole at Dahab

The blue hole at Dahab

Ahmed Gabr has broken the world record for the deepest dive on scuba. It was posted at 3.18pm on Facebook, local time in Dahab, Ahmed reached 332m and had begun his assent. This is 18m short of his target depth of 350m.

At the moment there is no news as to why he didn’t reach this target depth but one can surmise that he had either used too much air on his descent or he had had some minor problem that meant descending further wasn’t possible.

I am looking forward to seeing how this story progresses. I will update this post once I know more.

UPDATE: 4:00 pm local time in Dahab

Gabr has now ascended to 30m.

UPDATE: 12:16 am local time in Dahab

Gabr is now surfacing. We are hoping that he has no complications.

UPDATE: Friday 19th September

It seems that every thing went well for Gabr and that his dive was a success. 332.4m is very deep. I would like to hear about how he dealt with the problems of going so deep and what difficulties he encountered on the dive. I do believe there is a documentary coming out, I am not sure when but I will try to get a hold of it.

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