My own cylinders

My new cylinders

My new cylinders.

As I am going to be diving sidemount as often as I can, I thought I would invest in a pair of cylinders. The cylinders came with a pair of yoke valves. I swapped these out for a left and right DIN valves. I also added a 2.5 inch steel ring to each of the cylinders. This is so I can attach the cylinders to a leash on the dive boat or if I experience a catastrophic failure of all bungees I can attach them to my harness using double p-clips (or with a bolt-snap on some line). I know metal-on-metal confections are frowned upon but I like the idea of having something solid as an ultimate back up.

For the elastic, I managed to find an old tire inner tube that fits perfectly (when cut). The elastic not only holds the long hose in place but it can also be used in conjunction with a double p-clip to make a replacement camband.

I took these cylinders out for a test dive on Saturday and they did the job perfectly. Now just to tweak the setup so it’s perfect.

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