Shadow Divers – Robert Kurson


After having read “The Last Dive” I was intruiged to know more about the submarine that Chris and Chrissy Rouse died on. So I picked up a copy and started reading Shadow Divers. Shadow Divers is the story of John Chatterton and Richie Kohler who set out on the Seeker to discover the identity of a German WW2 U-Boat. 

The book contains a lot of the characters that were in The Last Dive, so there is a feeling of familiarity. It is very well written and keeps you wanting to read more about their search to uncover the identity of the submarine. At times it seems like there is no hope but then they uncover some nugget of information and they are back on the case. 

The book talks about how both got into diving and how they both came to be searching for the same answer. The book also goes into quite a lot of historical detail about the movements of submarines during the war and the last months of the fated U-869.

I really enjoyed the book and found it better written than The Last Dive. If you are wanting to know more about how the U-869 was discovered and what the divers went through to prove that it was the U-869 definitely give this book a read. 


2 responses to “Shadow Divers – Robert Kurson

  1. I enjoyed Shadow Divers as well. I have heard it’s a bit glamorized compared to actual events but I guess that’s to be expected. It’s a fun read! Thanks for posting the review!

    • I really enjoyed it as well. Though I do have to admit that I skipped some of the history of the U-boat as I was more interested in the story of discovering the name of the wreck.

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