Attaching a stage cylinder

There are several ways to attach at stage cylinder.

There are several ways to attach at stage cylinder.

I really enjoy sidemount diving and I am wanting to get back into doing it as soon as possible, but I am lacking a couple of things. I have the harness and the regs but I don’t have a way to attach the cylinders to the harness.

So I have been looking at different ways to attach the cylinders. The main two methods that you can use are similar but have some differences:

  1. Cylinder Clamp
    The cylinder clamp method produces a low profile attachment to the cylinder. That means that it isn’t going to get in the way when you are penetrating wrecks or caves. It is screwed into place and isn’t that easy to move.
  2. Camband

    The camband method is like the usual attachment for a cylinder in regular recreational diving. It has a slightly larger profile than the cylinder clamp but it has the benefit of being easier to remove.

I have used both setups. Though I haven’t done much penetration diving while using sidemount so the profile of the attachments haven’t been an issue. I have found that the ease cambands provide for changing cylinders a great benefit.

On New Providence there isn’t much opportunity to do any real penetration diving. The dive shops here are really only for recreational diving. They don’t cater for those looking to do anything more advanced. So I can’t really look to them for help. Looking online I have come across the following:
It is a complete stage setup that uses a camband. This looks pretty much what I want and it comes with all the necessary clips and attachments so for $75 doesn’t seem too expensive. I think that I will look into ordering two of these but in the combo setup that way I can use it with many different cylinder sizes.


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