We’re dive clubbing

Messing around in Adobe Fireworks I cam up with this logo

Messing around in Adobe Fireworks I came up with this logo.

Currently I am setting up a dive club. I have been in contact with a couple of dive shops and I have already managed to organise discounted rates for my future members. This is in part due to the previous efforts of other dive clubs so I cannot take all the credit for securing these great deals.

I am also in the process of putting together our first trip. Hopefully it will be to The Lost Blue Hole which is located some 10 miles East of Nassau. I am hoping to have everything sorted within the next few weeks. There is a large proportion of people in my area that already dive or are looking to dive, I just need to tap into that resource.

Since I have become an instructor I have had many requests for tuition, so once I finalise a few of the details with the dive shops then I will get cracking. I would love to get my first 25 certifications done by Christmas – 3 down 22 to go.

I’ll update with how things go, I am just waiting for the lawyers to get back in touch with me.

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