Dive Buddies for Life!

We ride together, we dive together. Dive buddies for life!

We ride together, we dive together. Dive buddies for life!

It’s been 3 full months since we last dived together. We dived our favourite wreck in Malta, the Um El-Faroud, back at the end of July when I completed my Divemaster course, so it only seems fitting that my first dive after becoming and PADI Scuba Instructor is with him.

I am really looking forward to this trip. Even though I am staying at home it’s going to be great having my bestest dive buddy with me. There are so many dive trips that I would really like to take but as I will be working at my day job (which isn’t as a PADI Professional) we can only go diving at the weekend. Perhaps we can stick in a night dive. It’s something I haven’t done since my trip to Egypt back in February and I am itching to go again.
I pick him up from the airport tonight. I’ll keep you updated with all our exploits; diving or otherwise.

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