It’s begun – Divemaster Training

So I have finally arrived in Malta to start my Divemaster Training.  Actually I arrived a few days ago, on Friday. The flight from Rome was delayed by 90 minutes but aside from that my baggage and my journey to the room in the apartment I have rented was without any real incident.

Saturday 29th June

I arrive at the dive shop at 9am and immediately start an EFR course. Vasi, my instructor, takes me through the skills I need and by lunch time I am finished. Another PADI card is on it’s way. In the afternoon I was given an orientation to the dive shop, where things were and what was expected of me.

Sunday 30th June

I arrived at 7.45am. This is our usual start time. I helped set up the dive shop and then once things had quietened down, I started my Divemaster orientation. Nev, went through the first knowledge review with me and that was done around lunch time. In the afternoon I assisted on a DSD (Discover Scuba Diving).  Unfortunately it ended early for one of the students because she was finding it difficult to breathe through the regs and would keep shooting up to the surface to get more air. So I took her back to the dive shop and Anne, the instructor, continued with the DSD.

Monday 1st July

I spent today assisting on an Open Water Course. The instructor was Pat (he took me for my rescue course back in October 2012). The student was also called Pat. We did confined dives 4 and 5, and before lunch we did open water dive 2. After lunch we were able to do open water dive 3.

It was a great experience watching Pat work. I learnt so much and was able to review many skills. I had completed forgotten about SORTED and STELA. They are both mnemonics that describe descents and assents respectively.


  • S – Signal – check that every one is ok and signal to descend
  • O – Orientation – check to see where you entry and exit points are, where you are in relation to landmarks and the other divers.
  • R – Regs – switch from your snorkel to your regs
  • T –  Time –  what is the time of your descent
  • E – Elevate – lift the low pressure inflater hose
  • D – Descend


  • S – Signal – check that every one is ok and signal to ascend
  • T – Time – what is the time of your ascent
  • E – Elevate – lift the low pressure inflater hose
  • L – Look up – check to make sure there is nothing above you
  • A – Ascend.

I am looking forward to tomorrow…I have no idea what I will be doing.

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