Rozi Tugboat – Deep Diver Speciality (Dive 4)

deep dive

The outcomes for Dive 4 of the Deep Diver speciality are:

  • Execute a descent using the contour of a sloping bottom, wall or ascent/descent line as a reference.
  • Complete an underwater tour of the area.
  • Perform an ascent using the contour of a sloping bottom, wall or ascent/descent line as a reference.
  • Use your depth gauge and timing device (or decompression computer with ascent-rate indicator) to measure an ascent rate not to exceed 18 metres/60 feet per minute.
  • Perform a three-minute safety stop at 5 metres/15 feet before surfacing.

The P29 had been an amazing dive. We had a surface interval of 90 minutes before we returned to the water. It is also quite a long swim to the Rozi. I found it easier getting set up this time (practice makes permanent). However, one of the rebreathers had a problem and he aborted the dive before we had even started. This time the jellies were back in force and I had to quickly descend to avoid them. We left the bay and followed the reef around. I made the school boy error of descending to 20m too soon, this meant that I was going to have a shorter bottom time on the wreck even though I was using 28% Nitrox. Oh well, you live and learn.

There wasn’t much aquatic life to speak of on this dive but the wreck made up for that. I was darting in and out of doorways and rooms. Exploring all over the place. It was a lot of fun. Soon it was time to go back.  Even though I didn’t go beyond my no-stop limit as we left the wreck and started to ascend once my computer was reading 5 minutes, however my computer decided to add a longer stop. This was probably due to the previous deep dive that I had done.

On the way back we passed a big cave. Alan gestured me to get ready and Skipper Danny got in place. While I was waiting on them the other two divers (one recreational the other twin set) passed though. Skipper Danny took a few photos of them. I then went through the cave with my stages at the front. He took plenty of pictures, I just hope a few come out well.

As Alan was on the rebreather, at 9m, he made a safety stop (or something else but he had switched to a stage that he was carrying)  while the rest of us continued up to 6m. Skipper Danny and I saw our chance and I went through the small cave that I had passed through on the first dive. Some more picture taking. I was starting to feel like the poster boy for sidemount diving.

Once the safety stop was done it was time to get out. I quickly packed up my right-side stage and exited before everyone else. There are definite benefits to sidemount diving.

I can’t wait to complete the Wreck course tomorrow.

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