P29 Patrol Boat – Wreck Diver Speciality (Dive 3)

I didn't even make it around to this end of the boat. I was too busy having fun in the rear.

I didn’t even make it around to this end of the boat. I was too busy having fun in the rear.

By the end of this Wreck Dive 3 the student should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the deployment and retrieval of a penetration line, for practice, on the outside of a wreck, while working in buddy teams.
  • Swim along the deployed penetration line so as to maintain contact with the line without kicking up silt and holding on to a dive light.
  • Navigate on a wreck so that the ascent point can be located without surfacing.

As I had completed Tec Sidemount with Alan yesterday, he said that I could use the sidemount and finish off my remaining specialities. I wasn’t about to say no to that opportunity.

We all met at the dive shop at 9.30 and jumped onto the van. A short while later we were at Cirkewwa and we began to set up our kit. On this dive we had two different types of rebreather, a twin set, two regular recreational set-ups, and the sidemount. The entry wasn’t too bad, however the small bay was full of jellyfish (Mauve Stingers). I managed to make it past them without getting stung. Swimming to the wreck took about 5 minutes. Once we arrived, Alan and I started on the skills I needed to do. We set up a penetration line on the hull and then I followed it, while holding a torch (clearly the most difficult part). I saw lots of anemones and fireworms (some as long as 30cm).

Then it was time to explore. While exploring the hull a HUGE sunfish (Mola Mola) swam up to the ship. It was amazing. It was so majestic, and it was at least 3m in length if not more.  Alan caught my attention and suggested that I explored the interior of the ship. I descended into the hold and made my way through 3 rooms before surfacing on the deck. As I was making my way to the bow, Alan signalled that it was time to go. So we turned around and went back to the reef. We followed the reef around and rose to 6m. Here we started our safety stop. Alan pointed out a cave and motioned for me to go pass through it. I took of my stages and held them in front and made my way through the cave. It was a tight squeeze, buoyancy is a lot harder to control when your hands are being used, but I made it through. Skipper Danny had his camera and snapped a few shots.

I still had 2 minutes to go on my safety stop, so I removed my right-side stage in preparation for the exit. Soon I was back on dry land, discussing all that we had seen and done.

It was an awesome dive!

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