Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster?


I have decided that becoming a Master Scuba Diver is not a necessary step for me. So even though I have completed all these specialities with the goal of becoming a MSD, I am now going to work on my skills and become a Divemaster instead.

This summer I should be starting my DM and it seems that I would only be a MSD for a few months so there isn’t really any point in getting it. I have achieved everything I have set out to achieve on this trip and then some more.

I have one more week to go in Malta, in that time I will complete the Tech Side Mount Speciality (one more dive), the Deep Speciality (one more dive) and the Wreck Speciality (two more dives). I may throw in another speciality or two before Friday, but that really depend on what time is left.

On Friday and Saturday I will be doing some pleasure dives in Malta with my girlfriend before we return home on the Sunday.

I can’t wait.

2 responses to “Master Scuba Diver or Divemaster?

  1. I was in the same position, trying to decide between Master SCUBA Diver or Dive Master. I decided to speak with other PADI Pro’s about it to get their opinions.

    After speaking to the PADI Pro’s, I started watching various dive operations when vacationing Pro Divers would dive with them. When they would show an Instructor or Dive Master certification card to the dive shop for their dive they would get “buddied up” with the most inexperienced divers. I am assuming that the dive shop is hoping since they are a PADI Pro, they will watch over the inexperienced diver and make the dive shops job easier.

    That is also what several PADI Pro’s have described to me. If they show their Pro cards, they are expected to “help out” on the dive, and if they show an AOW card they are put with a “more experienced” diver for their dive to watch over them.

    They all suggested getting the Master SCUBA Diver card to use in those situations where you are diving away from your own dive shop and do not want the responsibility of watching over an inexperienced diver, but do not want to be “babied” either.

    The MSD card shows that you have enough experience to take care of yourself on a dive, but your not a ‘Pro” who is there to help the dive shop take care of their divers. Its a way to dive “incognito” without taking on additional responsibilities on a fun dive.

    Thats why I decided to get the Master SCUBA Diver rating before I started the Dive Master program that I am in now, so I have the option of being under cover when I dive away from home.

  2. That is definitely something that I didn’t think about. I will keep it in mind. As my main goal is to become an instructor it might make sense later on to have the MSD card but I think for the moment I will stick with what I am planning on doing. Thanks for your input.

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