What BCD to get?

I am currently in the process of deciding on the BCD that I will get. I don’t like the usual jacket style BCDs that most people have and I am drawn to a wing. One reason is that I don’t like being crushed when I fully inflate my BCD and the second is that a wing (I have been told) allows for greater control.

When it comes to kit I like to get the most bang for my buck. If I can get several uses out of it then I will make sure that I pay the extra dollars so that I can. An example would be my Recon Instruments Flight HUD, it can be used for snow sports, skydiving and even on a motorbike. So when it comes to a BCD I am thinking about the future. Firstly, it has to be a wing. Secondly there is a strong chance the I will get into TEC diving, so the possibility of rigging it with multiple tanks is appealing.

Hollis SMS 100

Hollis SMS 100

On my last dive, I met a Tec diver who was in love with Hollis. I have Hollis F1 Bat Fins and they are great. He was kitted up with everything Hollis. He sung the praises of this rig and being interested in all things different I was instantly drawn to it.

This BCD allows for a single tank to be mounted on the back and for either single or twin side mounts.

Although to get the most out of this I would need to do that PADI Open Water Side-mount Diver Speciality / PADI Tec Sidemount Course that’s not too difficult and I would definitely be interested in either of those courses.

The cost on simplyscuba.com is £662 – which is a lot of money.


Scubapro X Tech Comfort System

Scubapro X Tech Comfort SystemThis BCD can be set up in a single or two cylinder configuration  It has a lot of D-Rings, which is great for attaching all your little extras.

One thing I like about this BCD is that it has several pull release valves on both sides that allow you to quickly dump the air from the air reservoir.

The cost on simplyscuba.com is £512 – which is considerably cheaper that the Hollis SMS 100.



So which one will I go for? To be honest I think I need to speak to some more Tec divers, perhaps even take a PADI Discover Tec Course. But I am really interested in a winged BCD. I am sure that I will figure it out by the summer.


2 responses to “What BCD to get?

  1. As a MSDT, I suggest you get two BCs. I am a card carrying member of the fewer tools club, but you run the risk of combining two extremes of diving. A lightweight back inflate for rec, and a proper backplate for doubles, is safer, more versitle, and won’t struggle in either environment. Sure you can shave with a longsword, but a bic will be a whole lot more fun.

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