Flight HUD

Last December I ordered the Recon Instruments Flight HUD. They made a limited run of them. I got one of the 616 units made.

What is a HUD?

A HUD stands for Heads Up Display. These are normally seen in aircraft and some cars now have speedometers that use a similar technology. It gives information to the user without them having to look towards dials or controls on a dashboard.

Why would you need one?

When you are skiing or skydiving it is good to know certain things, such as your altitude and your speed. The Flight HUD tracks these and allows you to upload them to Recon’s special website so that you can view what you have done.


Here is a vine post showing the unboxing of the Flight HUD. You can see the display in one of shots. https://vine.co/v/b5VJ6B6MlW6

What’s it like to use?

Unfortunately, I haven’t used it yet. When it first arrived in January it wouldn’t connect to the GPS so it was a little more than a good looking pair of goggles. So I contacted Recon and they organised return shipment and a replacement pair arrived a month later. I tried them in the car. It was awesome. I can’t wait to use them the next time I go skydiving.


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