Rowing for charity

It’s time to get back on that rower and helps some charities.

Concept 2 have a fantastic event happening. It started yesterday (Thursday 26 November). It’s called the Holiday Challenge.

The Holiday Challenge is basically Concept 2 pledging to donate $0.02 per kilometre that each participant rows, up to a maximum of $45,000.

The event runs from the 26 November until the 24 December. So it will help you shift those extra pounds that you have put on from all that binge eating.

The details of the event break down as follows:

Row, ski and/or ride 100,000 meters or 200,000 meters from November 26 to 11:59 p.m. December 24.

There’s also a charitable giving aspect to the Holiday Challenge. Here’s how it works: For every person who rows, skis or rides 100k during the challenge, Concept2 will donate $.02 per kilometer (1000 meters) to your choice of this year’s charities. Once you get beyond 100k, we’ll donate $.04 per additional kilometer. In order for your meters to count, however, you must choose a charity from the front page of your Logbook (or select “Let Concept2 Choose” if you don’t have a preference). For kids and adaptive participants, the $.04 rate will take effect at 50k. Note: BikeErg meters count for half the distance when calculating your Holiday Challenge meters and any related donation.

This is a fantastic idea, and everyone who can participate should. I am hoping to row as much as I can between now and Christmas eve. Though with BRIC coming up I won’t get too much in the way of long distances between now and that, but rest assured I am going to try for 200k. I just have to average 7k a day, now that has to be easy. Right?

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