Getting Fit


Glenn’s 15 week transformation at UPFitness

I have always strived to be fit, however I have not been as successful at it as I would like to have been. I have trained extensively in the past.

Rome Training

I used to do a combination of different programs. Once I had bought my gym equipment: a rack, Olympic bar, over 300lbs in weight, fractional plates, a bench. I started following the Stronglifts program. I had followed this program on and off for several years never making any real progress. However I decided to give it a serious go. I progressed through their program and on to MadCow (check the link for a description of it) and with that I was able to lift 300lbs close to twice my bodyweight. I was very strong but didn’t see the physical gains that I would have hoped. At the same time I also worked through a book called Convict Conditioning. This book advocated bodyweight exercises and I was soon doing piston squats and blasting out pull-ups. I also purchased a kettlebell and would do a routine where I would do over 200 reps with the kettlebell. Suffice to say I was quite fit. Here is how a typical week looked for me:

  • Monday: Stronglifts/MadCow
  • Tuesday: Kettlebell + Convict Conditioning
  • Wednesday: Stronglifts/MadCow
  • Thursday: Kettlebell + Convict Conditioning
  • Friday: Stronglifts/MadCow
  • Saturday: Skydive
  • Sunday: Rest

Bahamas Training

In the Bahamas I spent a lot of my time scuba diving so I didn’t train as much as I would have liked, however I did get myself a gym membership and I went hard at it. Despite the numerous power-cuts and training in 90+ temperatures in the gym I was fairly successful. I went back to a regime of doing Stronglifts as this was my tried and tested backup. Eventually I was lifting some serious weight and I decided to try a different program: Smolov. This program is brutal and you can expect some serious gains on this. At my peak my 2 rep max was 350lbs (really it should have been only 1 rep but the guy spotting me urged me to do another and I did). Unfortunately I left the Bahamas soon after that and I moved to the USA.

USA Training

Unfortunately the my life in the USA didn’t do much to make me any fitter. In fact it made me weak and fat. I lost a lot of the core strength that I had built up over the years. I also lost my trim physique, much to my disdain. I did try to get into training when I was there but the gym was so far from my house, and it only had one squat rack that I eventually gave up spending hours in the gym just waiting for it to be free. Not much fun when all your exercises require an Olympic bar and a squat rack. So I got fat.

UK Training

I am now back in the UK and I have another plan of attack. I am going to try hard to make a transformation. I want to turn this soft squidgy body into a sculpted Adonis.  I have been following Ultimate Performance Fitness on Instagram for some time. They have some drastic and impressive transformations. Now I am not going into this blind. I know that camera angles, etc can all play a part in making a terrible before and amazing after photos, however I am going to give it a try. Nick Mitchell the owner of the gym released a book last Christmas and I have bought it. I am going to follow what he suggests. You may have seen the photo at the top of the page. That is Glenn from start to finish. He did that it 15 weeks using the program, I am giving myself until Christmas (22 weeks). On August 1st I will be in the gym following the program outlined in Nick’s book. I will post regular updates and perhaps I will have a transformation like Glenn’s. The book is a 12 week turnaround and from August 1st to October 24th is 12 weeks. Let’s see what I can do in that time.







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