Two years old today!

Happy Birthday to my Blog

Two years ago I started this blog to track all the fun things that I did. From scuba diving, to sailing, to skydiving. Though mainly it has been skydiving. I can’t believe that two years have passed so quickly.

I have gone from being a Rescue Diver to becoming a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. I have taught lots of students to dive and I have helped improve many more divers’ skills.

What will the next year hold?

For one I am leaving the Bahamas, so perhaps I will not be able to dive as much as I would like. Though recently I haven’t been feeling the diving, and I have preferred to be on land. Currently I am taking more of an interest in my health and have started back at the gym. I am also eating more healthily which cannot be a bad thing. What new adventures will I be doing? Stay tuned to find out.

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