Bahamas Dive Club Christmas Party – January 2015


Although January isn’t the time of year that you’d associate for a Christmas party the Bahamas Dive Club has theirs then. This is mainly due to the fact that many people are either busy or off island at Christmas so holding it in January gets a good turnout.

We planned to shore dive from Clifton Heritage Park. We were there last year, and it was a good day despite there being a small amount of oil on the water. We hoped it would be better this year, but it wasn’t going to be. We arrived an due to the direction of the wind there was quite a lot of oil, in fact there was so much oil in the water that the surf was brown. To top it off there was a distinct smell of oil on the air. I knew from when I helped put the buoys around the the Ocean Atlas that having oil on the wind could make for some nasty headaches.

We collectively decided that we wouldn’t dive and returned the tanks to Stuart Cove’s. We then had some fantastic food made and brought by the dive club members. The wind changed and things were looking up. In fact things got so good that we were able to go diving. Luckily I had my tanks with with me so I slung one under my arm and monkey dived around the snorkel park. It was a lot of fun and I finally managed to see the statues with my own eyes and get some pictures of them.

Here are some photos from the dive

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