Flight HUD – Finally I get to use it.

The data once it is uploaded to Recon's website

The data once it is uploaded to Recon’s website

I finally got to try out my Recon Flight HUD, although only in Ski mode.

I spent my Christmas vacation in the USA, mainly in Maryland. I haven’t been skiing in two years, so when given the chance to go I jumped at it.

We went to Roundtop Mountain Resort, located in Pennsylvania. It is just over an hour from Baltimore. We arrived around 10.55 am, parked in the ample car parking and headed to the ticket office. Since we hadn’t skied in 2 years we decided that we would only stay for a maximum of 4 hours, so we bought our passes, rented our skis and hit the slopes.

The tickets gave us additional 30 minutes of time, I assume this is to allow for setting up your kit and getting to the slopes.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much snow and only three runs were open. Fife and Drum, Fanny Hill, and Minute Man. The first two are beginner slopes so we started with them. However, they take less than a minute to get down so we eventually became bored with them and decided to try Minute Man. The start of Minute Man is quite steep and it put off some of the members of our party and seeing as we wanted to stay as a group we made our way down together and then went back to Fife and Drum.

I liked using the HUD, although I am no expert skier it was nice to be able to see my altitude and speed as I descended the runs. Once I got home I plugged my HUD in to my laptop and uploaded it to Recon’s website Engage. This allows you to view what you have done and see where your best run was. It was definitely a fun day out, though it would have been better if more runs had been open.

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