Last Dives of 2014



I completed my last dive of 2014 in the middle of December. That’s because I will be spending my Christmas vacation with friends and family in the good ol’US of A.

My last few pleasure dives haven’t been that pleasurable and I find that if I do not have a task to do, whether it is teaching, volunteering for the Nature Conservancy, reef surveying, or a challenging dive like caving, then I am completely bored and not enjoying it.

There isn’t much here that I haven’t seen or done. I have dived all the sites that Stuart Cove’s and Bahama Divers have to offer. They are all mainly shallow recreational sites with no significant challenges other than bad weather. Unfortunately on this island in the Bahamas there is no technical diving. If I was a technical dive instructor then I may have spoken to one of the dive shops about setting up a technical branch, however I am not and with no opportunities here to become more technically trained it doesn’t look like that will be a possibility any time soon.

I am in the process of setting up as many dive certifications for next year, so that should help alleviate the boredom and give me lots of free dives. So far I have close to 10 semi-confirmed certifications and that should be done by the end of January/mid-February. That will hopefully put me on my way to get my 50 certifications for 2015.

I return to Nassau at the beginning of January and I wonder if my first dive of 2015 will be better than my last dives of 2014. I am hoping but maybe it is time to find a new challenge.

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