San Salvador – A BREEF Encounter


All the teachers and BREEF crew

I was lucky enough to be invited by BREEF (Bahamas Reef Education Environment Foundation) to take part in their annual teacher workshop. The workshop takes place on San Salvador Island, and is a 45 minute plane ride from Nassau. Around 30 teachers are invited each year from the different schools in the Bahamas.

The workshop lasts a week and is based at the Gerace Research Centre. The workshop primarily to inform and update educators on marine habitats and their importance. There were sessions on the shoreline, coral reefs, wetlands, fisheries, marine protected areas, and climate change. These sessions were complimented with field trips. There were also guest speakers from the Bahamas National Trust, the Bahamas Government, and the San Salvador’s Living Jewels Foundation. Everyday there were snorkelling trips. I almost managed to get a dive in but there were a few paperwork issues and then they pushed the diving back until after I had left so I missed out.

I learned a lot about the marine life of the Bahamas and I must commend the BREEF team as they did a fantastic job. I thoroughly enjoyed the week. I even got to meet the iguanas that had been stolen and taken to London, they were recuperating in the Gerace Research Centre’s iguana sanctuary.

Here is an article that was published in the local paper.


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