An easy way to die

A video from the NSS-CDS

A video from 1997 by the NSS-CDS – something all OW divers should watch

In preparation for my cave diving course I have been reading the forums on Many posts are dedicated to the lack of training that is given to open water divers, specifically the reasons  as to why open water divers shouldn’t enter overhead environments. The most common reason they have been given is “don’t do it as you will die.” While this is probably true it really is the wrong message, yes these things are dangerous but they are dangerous because the right training hasn’t been given. Making it clear to new divers that they require specialised training to enter an overhead environment is a much better option.

Many posters stated that the following video should be watched by all open water divers during their training. It was filmed back in 1997 but it is still relevant today.

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