Dive Against Debris

The Will Laurie.

The Will Laurie.

One of the most rewarding things in scuba diving apart from seeing the amazing wildlife, teaching someone to dive, or just spending an hour in the peace and quiet of the sea: is helping to preserve the environment and the sites that we dive.

Stuart Cove’s, one of the biggest dive operators in the Caribbean, organised a Dive For Debris last Sunday (March 23rd). Hayley Jo, a Master Instructor there, put the whole thing together.

We met at Stuart’s for 4.30pm and were supposed to leave straight away, but as all things in the Bahamas nothing happens quite on time. We eventually splashed into the water at about 5.25pm. There was about 20 of us. Alex, Chris and me worked in a team of three, heading southeast over the reef. We collected a huge bag of fishing line and anchor ropes. i even managed to find an anchor. Though the cameraman was no where to be seen at that point. I left the (grapple) anchor on the bow of the Will Laurie so it you see you now know who placed it there.

The dive time was an hour and in all we collected several large bags of rubbish. It was a worthwhile adventure.

I really enjoyed this dive. It felt good to be making the reef a safer place for all the marine animals that are there. I can’t wait for the next one.

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