Relflections on 2013


So much has happened in the last year. Time has flown by and it seems that it is getting faster and faster. I have achieved a lot in the last year.

  • I have gone from Rescue Diver to Open Water Scuba Instructor.
  • I have completed 7 Speciality diver courses.
  • I have gone from have 25 dives to 140.
  • I have certified my first Open Water and Advanced Open Water Students.
  • I have moved from Italy to the Bahamas.

So how can I top that? I don’t know what I can do but here are some things that I would like to do in 2014

  • Become a MSDT
  • Become a better sidemount diver
  • Become a technical diver
  • Become a cave diver
  • Dive some challenging wrecks
  • Dive in at least 4 countries that I haven’t yet dived in

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