Mysteries of the Deep

Monty Halls

Monty Halls

I’ve just come across this TV series. It is on Channel 5 which is a TV channel in the UK. The programs are available to watch online but you have to be in the UK to watch it. You can watch them here. There is an article on the that describes the four episodes in the series.

The presenter, Monty Halls, is a marine biologist and explorer. I have grown up seeing him on TV and I have enjoyed watching his previous TV series. He regularly writes in Diver magazine and has even dived at Divewise in Malta.

So far I have watched the first two episodes of the series:

The Kaiser’s Gold
This episode is about looking for a safe of German gold from WWI in Namibia.

The Diver’s Graveyard
This episode is about the reasons why so many divers die at the blue hole in Dahab, Egypt.

I really enjoyed the programs. They aren’t technical and are easy to watch.

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