So it begins….wish me luck!

I am hoping to...

I am hoping to…

The IDC starts tomorrow and lasts one week. The IE will begin on the 25th October and finished on the 27th.  I am actually quite nervous about it. I hope I have studied enough and that my skills are up to speed. All I can do is try my best and see what happens.

I will try and post about the IDC but I am thinking that I won’t have enough time. Fingers crossed!

2 responses to “So it begins….wish me luck!

  1. Good luck!! I am about to start my DM program and that was going to be it for me. However, I am slowly opening up to the idea of doing the IDC.

    • The IDC and IE are fantastic experiences. I would recommend doing them but make sure that you get lots of experience during your DM and make sure that your skill circuit is very good. The better you are with the skills the easier it is to do well in the IE.

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