Ear Problems – Swimmer’s Ear

middle ear

The ear

You ears are a very sensitive organ. When diving you have to make sure that you equalise the pressure otherwise you risk a ruptured eardrum .

This last week I have suffered from an Ear Infection. I had swum Wednesday morning (as I always do)  and no problems until I was about to leave work. When, suddenly, my right ear started to hurt. There was a pain in the canal that was moderately sore but it was bearable. But by morning it had flared up and it hurt to touch my ear and my jaw was receiving referred pain.

Luckily there is a nurse at work and I spoke to her. She said that this was a common problem here and that water gets trapped in the ear canal leaving it moist. This moisture is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria which causes the pain. She gave me some ear drops for “Swimmer’s Ear” and some Tylenol for the pain. It’s effects were immediate and I started to feel better.

That evening I went to the pharmacy and bought similar drops. Using them every 3 hours, I found steady benefit. By Friday evening I was almost pain free, though I did have a slight relapse for a few hours where it hurt quite a but but when away of its own accord. Continuing to use them Saturday and Sunday I have found that all the pain and symptoms have vanished.

If the symptoms hadn’t cleared up by Friday I would have gone to the doctor and I whole heartedly recommend that you visit one if you have symptoms that persist.  If want to be diving and there is no point risking your health, go see a doctor.

So I didn’t dive this weekend. I was planning on going to do a 2-tank dive at Stuart Cove with my friend Gordon but due to my ear issues that didn’t happen. I am hoping to go next weekend. I really need to be doing as much diving as I possibly can in the next few weeks as I have a big diving adventure coming up in October.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor and not medically trained. Please seek advice of a doctor if you have any injury. Do not rely on my experience and treatment. Seek medical advice promptly.

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