TEKCamp 2013


I have just found out about TEKCamp. It looks awesome and I wish I could go but I am busy on the dates that it is running.

What is TEKCamp?

  • It is designed to develop you as a diver.
  • It is an event for divers that are either interested in becoming or who are already technical divers.
  • It is not a course and does not culminate in a certification – it is a coaching program designed to develop your diving skills and ability as far as possible in a week.
  • Attendees are grouped together by ability to ensure a diverse range of experiences are catered for, and work on individual needs rather than following any given curriculum.
  • There are a lot of myths in diving – particularly in technical diving – so they give you a chance to dive multiple configurations and routes – including rebreathers, sidemount and manifolded twinsets – opening up the potential of these various formats and configurations so that you have an informed understanding of the pros and cons.

Doesn’t that just sound awesome! For someone like me, who loves learning skills and improving existing ones I would love to go on a week like this.

There are talks from world experts and explorers, workshops, skill tune-ups, and daily BBQs. Also Alan Whitehead, owner of Divewise and Techwise in Malta is going to be an instructor their. What more could I want?

This is definitely my kind of event. I will have to keep and eye on it, and hopefully there might be the chance to attend next year.

If you are interested you can find more info out here http://www.tekcamp.co.uk/

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