Sailing in Sardegna

Looking back on the yachts at lunch time

Looking back on the yachts at lunch time

I am just back for a week’s sailing around the Maddalene archipelago. This is my fourth time here. I have been here three times for sailing and once for diving (in fact I did my OW and AOW in these waters).

I can’t believe that it has almost been a year since I have been in a sail boat. I really should try to sail more often but my diving has taken over and it is easier to go diving than to go sailing at the moment. So the chance of 5 days sailing was something that I could not skip.

We took the overnight ferry from Civitavecchia an arrived in Olbia early in the morning. A short bus ride later and we were at Velamare the sail school. Some of our group hadn’t sailed before so they would be taking lessons.

Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the best over the week. We did manage to get out sailing most days, though either there was the threat of too much wind (meaning that the instructors refused to let us go out) or there wasn’t enough wind to sail.

In some ways, as this was to be my last sailing trip to Sardegna, I am a little disappointed. I had hoped that we would have been doing some more intense sailing but that didn’t materialise.

On the final day, we managed to get a good 4 hours sailing, though we were we left moored to a buoy for almost an hour while we waited for a pick up to take us back to shore.

The icing on the cake for the trip was that when we arrived at Civitavecchia our bus wasn’t there to meet us. In fact it arrived close to an hour and a half late.

I am glad that this trip is over, however I am still hungry for some good sailing.

A panoramic shot of the pier

A panoramic shot of the pier

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