There be treasure below – Wreck Diving

The HowardToday I started my Wreck Diving Speciality. As I had done Wreck diving as one of my Advanced Open Water Dives I started with with Dive 2.

PADI says that by the end of this dive, the student should be able to:

  • Swim along the outside of a wreck, in a buddy team, identifying andavoiding potential hazards.
  • With a buddy, map a wreck (or portion of a wreck), determining approximate size and marking points of interest.
  • Survey a wreck for a penetration dive and evaluate possible entrances.
  • Navigate on a wreck, returning to the ascent point without surfacing.

We went to Kalkara Creek to do this dive. The wreck that we were looking at was actually found by my instructor Howard. It has been affectionately nicknamed “The Howard” or “HMS Howard”.  The brief was to descend, find the wreck, map it and then explore the exterior. There was three of us on the dive; Ben, myself and a Hungarian called Matisse (I think that is how you spell his name). We found the wreck quite easily and I started mapping the wreck. I drew an overall sketch of the wreck from the top, the starboard side, the stern and the bow. I would post a photo of my drawing but I don’t have one. However, you have already seen a much better drawing at the top of the page.

The dive was really enjoyable and I felt that my air consumption had improved even we were diving between 4m and 10m. I took my camera along and snapped a few pictures. Unfortunately I didn’t take my fisheye lens with me so I was unable to get any decent photos of the actual wreck.

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